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Top Dog

Laura, also known as the “Crazy Dog Lady”, has had a lifelong love for dogs. Throughout her childhood Laura would persistently ask her mother for more pets, and would be told “when you have your own house, you can have as many animals as you want…”


…And so she did!

In 1998, weeks after moving in to her first house, Laura rehomed Charlie Brown. She was quickly introduced to the world of dog training due to Charlie's behavioural issues. Laura reached out to her local dog training club for help and was shown old fashioned methods as a way to alter Charlie's reactive behaviour. When this didn’t work, Laura started to look for a kinder, more effective ways to train Charlie. It wasn’t long before her knowledge grew, and Laura began to teach the modern methods that she had learnt.

Laura applied for membership with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK.  Some of the courses/workshops/seminars Laura has attended to develop her knowledge are: canine first aid courses, canine behaviour, canine body language, neutering, TTouch, clicker, scentwork, hoopers, media training and heelwork to music.

A lot of Laura’s knowledge comes from first hand experience of living with and training dogs within her care. Since 2003, over 30 dogs have been owned or fostered by Laura and her dog-crazy family. 

Over the years Laura has competed in agility and flyball. She also has experience in training: clicker, obedience, heelwork to music, trick training, rally, hoopers, media work and scentwork.

When she isn't teaching, Laura enjoys walking, teaching her own dogs new tricks, and eating sugary snacks!


Amazing Assistant

Helen is owned by three dogs, Indie the German Short Haired Pointer, Taz the Border Collie and Inka the Poodle x Whippet. Whilst Indie enjoys a quieter life nowadays, Helen can be seen in classes working with Taz and Inka in agility, hoopers, scentwork and GCA awards.  

Helen has worked with dogs for over 25 years and is an accredited Advanced Canine Hoopers UK instructor, level 2 Scentwork UK instructor, and a Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme examiner for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Helen is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK and has an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management.

Helen offers one-to-one training and behavioural support, including home visits and assists in lessons from time to time.


Poodle Slave

Laura’s oldest daughter shares her passion for dog training. Shannon has been training dogs since she was 7 years old, and started by beg, borrow and stealing other's dogs. These years of working with a variety of breeds of differing standards gave Shannon lots of experience before getting her first dog to train from scratch. At age 11  years Shannon got her first dog - a rescue SBT x Lurcher called Toddy.

Shannon is a trainer in her own right, and shares her Mum's passion for promoting the APDT UK's ethos. She is keen to continue to develop her knowledge, some of the seminars/courses she has attended include: canine behaviour, canine body language, neutering, clicker, scentwork, gundog, media training, assitance dogs and heelwork to music. In 2016 Shannon attended the SuperDogs training course with Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffenden. This course was to teach trainers how to assess rescue dogs and train them to become helper dogs. Shannon passed both the written and practical assessment for this, and is now a recognised "SuperDog Trainer".

Shannon currently lives with her Standard Poodles (Moose and Squirrel), working Labrador (Otter), working Golden Retriever (Vixie) and cats (Alan and Keith). She is particularly interested in clicker and trick training. However Moose threw her a curve ball when he took to agility like a very happy duck to water... So Shannon is now working on her agility skills and has recently started competing with him!


Amazing Assistant 

Prue and Laura first met in about 1997, and since then have worked, trained, competed and holidayed together. ...whilst laughing... a lot!


Prue has lived in a multi-dog household of German Shepherds and Shetland Sheepdogs for many years, and each one has been trained to a high standard. Prue spent many years competing at agility and flyball, but is now focussing on working her way through the APDT Good Companion Awards with her youngest dog, Rheba.

Prue doesn’t just assist in classes by booking everyone in, but also by using her vast training knowledge to support clients with their training. She also promotes the APDT UK ethos and uses modern training methods. Prue helps with the class preparation... and is very good at keeping Laura in check!


Long-suffering Partner

Martin helps with setting up, packing away and hosting events. He has also offered support in re-training the delinquent dogs that Laura brings home! Martin is currently doing an agility instructors course, and will seen participating in training classes with his own dog, Arty.


Puppy Cuddler

Laura's youngest daughter Taylor started handling dogs at a very young age. At only 4 years old, Taylor passed her Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen award with a dog that she borrowed. At age 15, Taylor became a, accredited Canine Hoopers UK instructor. She is now 18 and can be seen teaching classes, 1-2-1's and workshops at LWDT, or training and competing with her miniature poodle (Puzzle) in hoopers, agility obedience, trick training, and media work.


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