Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School is a socialising class for puppies under 20 weeks. As it is not a structured course, the class content varies from week to week. The focus is on producing confident, happy puppies and handlers who understand how to train. We also offer individual advice where required.

Beginners Course

This 7 week course is the basics of all training. We will cover sit, down, stand, stay, recall, stay, leave it, attention work, lead walking, play manners, handling and some problem solving. Our aim is to focus on enhancing the relationship between family and dog, by teaching you to train your dog key life skills that will make them easier to live with! 

Follow On Training

Follow on training including GCA awards, scent work and trick training. 

Fun Agility

All agility should be fun! ...but we use this phrase to refer to it not being a competition class. Some of my members have been bitten by the bug and gone onto compete, but that is not our main aim. If you are starting with the aim to compete then I can point you in the direction of a local trainer that can start you off with that in mind


It is a fun activity to take part in with your dog. It not only gives them mental stimulation but physical exercise as well. Hoopers is a low impact sport that consists of hoops, barrels and tunnels. The aim is to teach the dog to run flowing courses using directional commands, with the handler at a distance.

Private Training

Private training sessions are offered to handlers and dogs who are not able to attend a training class or want and more in-depth and one to one training. Whether this be for basic obedience, agility, hoopers, or a more specific issue that is not covered in classes. Prices/times provided on a bespoke basis depending on the needs of you and your dog. 

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