Puppy Pre-School FAQ

When is it?

We run sessions weekly on Monday evenings at 6.00pm and Tuesday mornings at 11am. Sessions are 30 minutes long, and no booking is required.

Who takes it?

Laura Wyllie is a member of the APDT UK with approximately 20 years of dog training experience. Over the years she has lived with a variety of breeds, from small fluffy ones to 40kg Shepherds. Laura has worked with a variety of breeds throughout the years, as well as experienced lots of training disciplines including obedience, flyball, agility, heelwork to music, rally and scentwork.

How much is it?

£5 per session, payable on the day.

Where is it?

Classes are held at Dodford Village Hall, NN7 4SY.

How do I book a place?

This is a drop in session - so no need to book, and no need to tell us if you’re unable to attend.

When can I attend?

You are welcome to either Monday or Tuesday session, or both! Our aim is to make Puppy Pre-School accessible for everyone, so that you don’t miss out on the important socialising period with your puppy. We are happy for puppies to attend after their first vaccination, however this is dependant on your vet’s advice (so please check this with them!).

What is the next stage of training?

Puppy Pre-School works as a holding class to give young puppies somewhere to train and socialise, as opposed to having to wait for a training course to start. Puppies will then move up to our next available Beginners Course.

We want to train our puppy as a family, is that okay?

Yes of course, and it’s a great idea! If the whole family are involved in the training, you will all be on the same page when handling the puppy at home. We just ask that only one person is training the puppy at a time, and that the rest of the family remain seated (not only does the hall become crowded, but it confuses the puppy to have more than one person giving commands). Well behaved children are welcome, and under 16s must be supervised by an adult at all times.

What is the Junior/Beginner course?

This is a 7 week course that covers the basics of dog training. It is held on a Tuesday evening and booking is essential.

What do we bring with us?

On your first week, please bring your puppy’s vaccination card, some small, tasty treats (eg- hotdogs, cheese or chicken), poo bags… and your puppy! Your puppy should be on a normal flat collar or harness, with fabric lead. Please don’t bring extendable leads, choke chains or slip leads - these are not accepted in any of LWDT’s training sessions.

What else do I need to know?

Please don’t feed your puppy dinner before attending Puppy Pre-School. If they have full bellies they are less likely to work for your rewards. Your puppy will get plenty of rewards during the session, so you may also need to reduce their dinner when you get home. Not feeding them also reduces toileting accidents when they are in the car and hall! Please arrive before your class starts in order give your puppy the opportunity to toilet on the grass areas around the hall. Please pick up after your dog and take it home to be disposed of, unfortunately there is no poo bin nearby. We often post photos of our classes on our Facebook page, please a member of the team know if you would not like to be included.

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