Agility FAQ

What is Agility?

It is a fun activity to take part in with your dog. It not only gives them mental stimulation but physical exercise as well. Agility is a dog sport where dogs and handlers complete courses made up of various obstacles – jumps, tunnels, seesaw, A-frame, dog walk and weaves.

How much is it?

The six week course is £110, with a discount of £20 for LWDT members.

Where is it?

Agility courses are based at our outdoor training venue: LWDT Training Field, East Haddon, Northants

How do I book a place?

Please e-mail for information on upcoming courses and how to secure a place.

Who teaches the class?

Laura Wyllie is a member of the APDT UK with approximately 20 years of dog training experience. Over the years she has lived with a variety of breeds, from small fluffy ones to 40kg Shepherds. Laura has worked with a variety of breeds throughout the years, as well as experienced lots of training disciplines including obedience, flyball, agility, heelwork to music, rally and scentwork. She became an accredited Canines Hoopers UK instructor in 2017. Find out more about Laura and her class assistants on our "Team" page!

Can my dog join a class?

Dogs must be at least 12 months old, be happy to be around other dogs/people, have some basic training, be physically fit (I recommend a vet check before starting), and be up to date with vaccinations.

Do I have to run?

Agility does require a certain amount of fitness from the handler. We do have handlers of all ages and abilities taking part. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an athlete! If you have mobility issues, then it may be worth having one-to-one training sessions, so we can adapt exercises to suit you and your dog.

Can my son/daughter handle our dog?

Yes, we encourage junior handlers providing it is a safe combination (we don’t want a 50kg dog dragging a 4 year old around the field). Under 16s must be supervised by an adult at all times during classes.

What do we bring with us?

Small, soft and tasty treats (eg- cheese, ham, sausage...) and your dog's normal kibble. Also a treat pouch (makes training lots easier!), a non-squeaky dog toy and poo bags. Your dog needs to be wearing a flat collar with ID disc, harnesses are fine, and a good length lead. You need to wear suitable footwear (no slip-on shoes), and comfortable clothing that you can run in. Please do NOT bring extendable leads, choke chains or slip leads - these are not permitted in any of LWDT’s training sessions.

What else do I need to know?

Dogs must be handled inline with the APDT UK and CHUK ethos - kind, fair, effective and without force. Please keep your dog on lead unless instructed by Laura to let them off. The field is not 100 % secure. There are gaps under gates that an escape artist could find. If you are concerned about your dog escaping the field, please speak to Laura before booking a place on this course. Please do not put your dog on any equipment unless you have been instructed to do so by Laura. Please keep a close eye on your dog and do not give them opportunity to wee up any equipment in the paddock. Dogs are not allowed in classes if they are in season or unwell (eg - sickness, diarrhoea, coughing etc), however you may attend on your own in order to observe the class and not miss out. You will be taught how to use the equipment safely but there is still a risk of human and/or dog error which could result in injury. Classes will be postponed if the weather would make running the class dangerous. This includes snow, high winds and very heavy rain. Refunds are at the discretion of the LWDT team, and only given under exceptional circumstances. Laura has the right to ask individuals to leave the class if the behaviour of them and/or their dog is putting others’ safety/enjoyment at risk.

How long is the course?

Agility courses are six weeks long, consisting of one hour lessons once a week.

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