When is it?

Typically on a weekday evening. Times vary for each course, so please enquire to find out about our next Beginners Course!

How long is the course?

Beginners is a six week course, each session is 45 minutes.

How much is it?

£110 for a six week course - including in-person lessons and a private Facebook group where training notes and additional video content is shared.

Where is it?

Beginners courses are based at one of our two training venues in Northamptonshire (details below), please enquire to find out where our next Beginners Course is being held. Indoor venue: Dodford Village Hall, Dodford, Northants Outdoor Venue: LWDT Training Field, East Haddon, Northants

How do I book a place?

Please email admin@lwdt.info for information on upcoming courses and how to secure a place.

Who teaches the class?

Laura Wyllie is a member of the APDT UK with approximately 20 years of dog training experience. Over the years she has lived with a variety of breeds, from small fluffy ones to 40kg Shepherds. Laura has worked with a variety of breeds throughout the years, as well as experienced lots of training disciplines including obedience, flyball, agility, heelwork to music, rally and scentwork. Find out more about Laura and her class assistants on our "Team" page!

What is the Beginners Course?

This six week course is the basics of all training, and is the place to start when training with LWDT. We will cover sit, down, stand, recall, stay, leave it, attention work, lead walking, play manners, handling and some problem solving. As well as live in-person training classes, we also offer support via a private Facebook group, where you can access training notes and extra video content. Our aim is to focus on enhancing the relationship between family and dog, by teaching you to train your dog key life skills that will make them easier to live with! This course is the perfect starting point to further training, including agility, hoopers and tricks. At LWDT we only use reward-based training, as we truly believe that pets dogs should be fun!

What do I need to bring?

To each training session, please bring some small, tasty treats (eg- hotdogs, cheese or chicken), ideally in a treat pouch. We also ask that you bring your dog’s favourite toy, a small mat for your dog to lie on, poo bags… and your dog! Please do NOT bring extendable leads, choke chains or slip leads - these are not permitted in any of LWDT’s training sessions.

Can we train our dog as a family?

Yes of course, and it’s a great idea! If the whole family are involved in the training, you will all be on the same page when handling the dog at home. We just ask that only one person is training the dog at a time, and that the rest of the family remain seated (not only does the training space become crowded, but it confuses the dog to have more than one person giving commands). Well behaved children are welcome, and under 16s must be supervised by an adult at all times. Please note: Not all dogs in our training classes are comfortable around children, so please ensure that children always ask permission from other dog’s handlers before approaching them.

What else do we need to know?

Please don’t feed your dog dinner before attending training. If they have full bellies they are less likely to work for your rewards. Your dog will get plenty of rewards during the session, so you may also need to reduce their dinner when you get home. Please arrive before your class starts in order give your dog the opportunity to toilet on the grass areas before beginning their class. Please pick up after your dog and take it home to be disposed of, unfortunately there is no poo bin nearby. We often post photos of our classes on our Facebook page, please tell a member of the team know if you would not like to be included. Refunds are at the discretion of the LWDT team, and only given under exceptional circumstances. Laura has the right to ask individuals to leave the class if the behaviour of them and/or their dog is putting others’ safety/enjoyment at risk.